Listed below you will find the methods often first prescribed for chronic back pain treatment.

Over the Counter Medications
When back pain first happens most of us reach for these medications to help cope with back pain. It could be Advil, Aleve, Motrin, Aspirin or Tylenol.

Rx Medications
If over the counter medications are not controlling your pain your doctor may prescribe you prescription medications such as Vicodin or Percocet. These medications should only be used for a short time as they are very addictive.

For those who are suffering from acute pain, pain that has occurred suddenly a small amount of rest may be used to allow the pain and swelling to subside. These injuries could be caused by trauma, exercise, sports or an operation.

Ice Therapy
Best used if there is an acute injury. By restricting the amount of blood flowing to the injured area you can reduce swelling and pain.

Heat Therapy
More helpful if you have chronic back pain, chronic back pain can be described as pain that is slow to develop and long lasting. This type of therapy can help relax sore muscles, increase joint mobility and increase the amount of blood flow to the injured area. This increase of blood can help to promote faster healing. You would never use this type of treatment if you have any inflammation or swelling as the heat will make it worse.

Massage therapy
There are many types of massage therapy that can be used to treat lower back pain. What you choose is up to you. This therapy can help reduce pain, increase blood circulation and increase joint flexibility.

Stretching before and after an activity can help reduce the risk of injury.

Water Therapy
Water therapy or hydrotherapy can be used by those who are injured, elderly or have joint problems. Water exercises are very low impact and easier to do for many who are in pain.

One of the oldest forms of back therapy it works by pulling the discs in our back apart. There are inversion tables that can be purchased and used at home but the easiest and best way to go about this is just going into the deep end of a pool with a life vest on. This helps to separate the vertebrae in the back.

Physical therapy
Physical therapy uses many of the treatments listed here but in a more focused manner.

Exercise and core exercise
These exercises should be low impact so as not to further damage the spine, things like walking, cycling or swimming. You will want to also incorporate core exercises into your routine to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles.

Braces or Corsets
These help to limit the amount of motion that the back can perform and is useful if you have weak back muscles.

This ancient Chinese technique can be used to relieve back pain and promote healing and provides considerable pain relief.

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