Just because your back hurts doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise, not exercising is actually the worst thing you can do for your back. By keeping your back healthy, strong, and flexible you can decrease not only your chances of developing back pain but you can reduce any current back pain you have.

If you are currently dealing with back pain you will of course want to make sure that any types of exercise that you are engaging in are low impact so that you do not aggravate your injury further. So this would mean no running, jogging or jumping of any kind. Your best bets are cycling, water aerobics, recumbent bikes, treadmills, or elliptical machines.

If you are looking for something a little bit more active you can try the following exercises as long as you consult with your doctor first.

The best type of yoga for those suffering from back pain is Hatha yoga. This type of yoga focuses mainly on poses and is not as intensive as many other types of yoga making it one of the easier ones to start off with if you are new to this type of exercise.

Pilates can be very helpful to those with back pain as it can increase flexibility, strength, and stabilize key muscles in your body. Once your back is stronger you may notice a decrease in your back pain.

This is a combination of many types of exercise; yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, Tai Chi are combined together for this form of exercise. There are actually two different types of Gyrotonics. Gyrotonics would use specialized equipment that would include pulleys and weights and Gyrokinesis would only need an exercise mat and a stool. Both of these exercises are extremely beneficial to those with back pain; mush more so then Pilates or even yoga. This is because with this type of exercise you are constantly moving the spine in ways that you would not even think of doing with yoga or Pilates.

No matter what type of exercise you end up choosing, and you may have to try a few before you settle on something that you enjoy. This is not something that you can do until your back pain is gone and then go back to doing nothing, if you don’t enjoy it you will not keep it up once you feel that it is not needed anymore.

Also another thing to remember is to stretch, by stretching out your muscles, ligaments and tendons after you exercise you can help reduce the risk of injury and it also serves as a great way to cool down after a workout.

Please remember when dealing with back pain always speak to your doctor before attempting any types of exercise even something as simple as walking.

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