Your best option for treatment when dealing with back pain is physical therapy. Physical therapy is not just about the best way to exercise your sore back or how to stretch your muscles, it could involve acupuncture, massage therapy or IFC (Interferential current) to just name a few.

There are two types of physical therapy, there are things that can be done to you to help make you feel better, these are called passive physical therapy techniques and then there are those that you can do for yourself, these are called active physical therapy techniques. By combining the two techniques your chances of successfully reducing your back pain are increased.

Passive Physical Therapy

This technique can be used to not only reduce back pain but to promote tissue or muscle healing. There are very few side effects and it is a time tested treatment that can be very effective at reducing your back pain. This treatment would involve inserting very small needles into the skin in certain areas of the body and applying either heat or electrical stimulation to the needles.

Massage therapy
Massages not only feel good, they are also good for you when dealing with back pain. Massage therapy can help to loosen up tense or sore muscles, it can increase blood circulation to the area to promote faster healing and it helps your muscles release toxins that can then be passed through the body via the lungs and the kidneys. There are many types of massage therapy that can be used from reflexology, acupressure, therapeutic touch, deep tissue massage and hot stone massages to just name a few. If you are at all unsure about what type of massage therapy you should use for your back pain it is best to either speak to your doctor or a licensed massage therapist.

IFC (Interferential current)
This is similar to what you would experience with a TENS unit but it is much more intense. This form of therapy would penetrate the skin much more deeply then what you would see with a TENS unit and while a TENS unit is portable this type of therapy would be done by your doctor or physical therapist in their office. For this procedure your doctor or therapist would apply suction cups with damp sponges inside them to your skin and a current of electricity would pass through these cups and into your tissue, this current would produce a massaging effect and also helps the body release endorphins helping to reduce your pain.

Active Physical Therapy

Exercise and Stretching
By combing exercises and stretches that are targeting the areas of your back that are causing you back pain, weakness and numbness along with other passive treatments you can help to reduce your back pain and other symptoms within a few weeks. Once you are done treatment for your back pain you it is best that you keep up with exercise so that you do not have a recurrence in the future. Your therapist should be able to guide you through a routine you can use once your therapy sessions are over. It will be up to you though to follow through with these exercises and stretches at home for maximum benefit.

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